Iceworm Tail Hunt

The hunt is on for the Iceworm Tail! Who will be the first to decipher the clues and find its hiding place? 



2017 Tail Hunt Winner

Johnny Campbell 


2016 Tail Hunt Winner

Toni Bocci


2015 Tail Hunt Winner

Kory Blake and Rod Hulke

Our magnificent 100’ long Iceworm whom graces the end of our parade always takes his tail off before winter hibernation and leaves it in the safe keeping of the Iceworm Committee.
The Iceworm Committee always loves a good game though, so each year the tail, seen here unfurled, is carefully wrapped in a plastic bag (either black or white) depending on the weather-year we are having and stealthily hidden by community members sworn to secrecy.  

The Iceworm’s tail is always hidden on public property. Never on private property.

The ultimate prize for finding the tail is a cool $100 bucks, but better than that – the HONOR of having found the tail in time for the Iceworm to march in the parade!

Clues are released on our favorite radio station KLAM every morning beginning the Monday of Iceworm week at 6 am.
Once the clues are released on KLAM they are then posted on the KLAM Facebook page the next day!
By Saturday morning, if the tail has not been found a barrage of clues will be released to help the searchers.

The lucky searcher who finds the tail should take it to Police Dispatch and notify them.
They will in turn notify the Iceworm Committee!