2018 Sponsors


Thank you to our 2018 $2500 Sponsors, Copper River Seafoods and Wilson Construction!

Thank you to our $500 level sponsors!!

Thank you to our $200 and $100 level sponsors!

Big thank you to the generosity of our in kind sponsors!!!


Sometimes we are asked.. where do my Iceworm dollars go?
Well, let us count the ways!

Some money goes towards merchandise like new pins, shirts, or Iceworm ears that go fast each year.
Other dollars go towards renting venue space for our events, usage fees, and printing costs.
Things like the Fireworks Extravaganza cost over $10,000 each year and require continuous funding! 
We travel to and from the Fur Rendezvous Celebration with Miss Iceworm and our worm to promote our festival, too!
In 2016 we spent $5,000 on a new Baby Iceworm, made complete with a Copper River Fleece Vest! This year, we are purchasing new street banners for the light poles, as we only have half the amount needed and most are faded and torn.
We will also be purchasing a new Big Iceworm for the parade, and a new parade banner. Both were hand made locally a couple decades ago, and are past the point of repair. 


Sponsorship types


Iceworm Sponsor
(Benefits to your contribution are listed in paranthesis) 

  • $50 (Facebook post)
  • $100 (Above benefits and logo on sponsor page on website)
  • $200 (Above benefits and logo on printed schedule)
  • $500 (Above benefits and larger logo on website)
  • $1000 (Above benefits, and multiple Facebook posts)
  • $2500 (Above benefits, and banner at main events)
  • $5000 (Above benefits, logo on website homepage and sponsor page)

Iceworm In Kind Donor

It takes all types of donations to keep our festival going!
Many businesses in town are able to give their services or goods to sponsor an event, rather than a monetary donation. Sometimes these sponsors host events, like the Paper Airplane contest brought to you by GCI. Sometimes these sponsors donate items to the treasure chest too! 

Schedule Sponsor

Hosting an event during Iceworm is a great way to boost revenue in an otherwise quiet time of year, and contribute towards the festival! While businesses typically keep all proceeds from their Iceworm Event, we are asking for contributions towards the festival for advertising! Click the link below to find the level that works for you.