Miss Iceworm Scholarship Program

Miss Iceworm is a longstanding tradition of recognizing Cordova’s outstanding young women. 
Sponsored by David and Bootslyn Roemhildt


The 2018 Miss Iceworm Candidates


Miss Iceworm Program Listing

Miss Iceworm 2018 - Samantha Vargas - $2500
First Runner up - Amanda Taitano - $1000
Second Runner up - Ria Smyke - $500

Miss Iceworm 2017 - Josi Moffitt - $2,500 CHS 2018
Second Runner Up 2017 - Zoe Russin - $500 CHS 2019
Miss Congeniality 2017 - Abigail Allison - CHS 2018

Miss Iceworm 2016 - Lindsay Phillips - $2,500 CHS 2016, University of Portland 2020
First Runner Up 2016 - Celeste Jensen - $1,000 CHS 2016, Whitworth University 2020
Second Runner Up 2016 - Olivia Carroll - $500 CHS 2019
Miss Congeniality 2016 - Samantha Vargas - CHS 2018

Miss Iceworm 2015 - Darian Sorensen - $2,500 CHS 2016, Utah State University 2020
Second Runner Up 2015 - Sidney Songer - $500 CHS 2017
Miss Congeniality 2015 - Sidney Songer - CHS 2017


  • Recognize Cordova’s high achieving young women.

  • Provide educational, career, and personal development opportunities.

  • Award financial scholarships.

Candidate Eligibility
Up to eight girls between grades 9-12 will be chosen by CHS faculty to participate as a candidate for Miss Iceworm. These students should demonstrate good character, hard work, involvement in school and community, creativity, and motivation. Other requirements include: minimum 2.5 GPA, passing citizenship, and no infractions with alcohol, tobacco, or drug use.

Participation & Criteria
Candidates will be required to turn in all paperwork on-time, present themselves at a judging interview, and participate in the Iceworm Festival Weekend events. Miss Iceworm shall be chosen based on the following: resume, essay about Cordova, and interview. Miss Iceworm will represent Cordova and the Iceworm Festival at the Fur Rondy in Anchorage, and the Copper River Nouveau in Cordova. 

Development Opportunities
Various educational, professional, and personal development opportunities will be offered to Miss Iceworm candidates throughout the year. These opportunities will be unique to the current year’s candidates and scheduled throughout the calendar year. Candidates will be notified of event schedule as it develops. 

Financial Award
Upon high school graduation and maintaining eligibility, Miss Iceworm and her Court shall be given scholarships for their scholastic endeavors. These scholarships are donated by the generosity of David and Bootslyn Roemhildt. The Iceworm Festival is proud to boast these scholarships as the largest local scholarships awarded to CHS graduates.