Help us get a new parade worm!

We need YOU to help purchase a new worm for the Iceworm Parade!
We've got some big purchases to make this year. The parade banners are tattered and worn, and we only have half the amount we need. The parade banner is worn too. But the biggest expense of all is the cost of getting a new parade worm built. 
There have been 3 or 4 different worms in the almost 60 years of the festival. Most were made by hand locally. After exhausting all contacts and resources in Alaska, we were forced to go outside to the lower 48 in search of someone to build our worm. After a couple weeks of contacting companies, one of our stellar board members got a hold of a company in California who does amazing work with mascots, and parade mascots. The bad news? We were quoted at $12,000! So now we turn to you, our devoted festival goers, to help us purchase this new worm. 
We have big plans in the coming year to to bring our new worm to Anchorage for the Fur Rondevous Festival, and Valdez for the Gold Rush Festival. But we need YOUR help to make it happen! 
Please follow the link below and donate if you can.. in any increment! Even $10 helps us get that much closer to our goal. We appreciate your support of Cordova's longest standing festival!

Iceworm Festival