Beard Contest and Shaving Permits

One of the main events of the first Iceworm Festival in 1961 is BACK!


Beard Contest

  • There is a $10 registration fee (this gets you into the Variety Show for free!)

  • Each Participant must be clean shaven as of January 5th.

  • Each Participant must get their photo taken by an Iceworm Board member.
    Pictures will be posted to the Iceworm Facebook page!

  • The Participants agree to not shave from the time their picture is taken until after the Iceworm Parade on February 3rd.

  • Judging will take place at the Iceworm Variety show on February 1st.

  • To participate, you MUST attend the variety show to be judged by the audience

  • The winner will recieve a prize and will walk in the Iceworm Parade!


Shaving Permit

Did you know you MUST have a shaving permit to be clean shaven during the week of Iceworm? 
Shaving without a permit results in being arrested and put into the Iceworm Jail! 
The Keystone cops will be out in full force the day of the Parade, and will arrest clean shaven individuals without a permit. Jail birds will be forced to ride in the jail through the parade! 

Get your permit early to reduce any hassling! They can be purchased at the Variety show, at the Iceworm Store, and most other events. But fear not, you can buy one at the parade if you are in need.